Discover the ultimate retreat for your furry friend. We provide love, care, and playtime in a safe environment.

Why Chose Deluxe Dog Daycare


Expert Care

A team of certified professionals passionate about dogs.



Top-notch cleaning standards ensuring a germ-free space.


Spacious Play Areas

Spacious play area for endless fun


Trusted Service

Loved and recommended by hundreds of dog parents.

Deluxe Dog Daycare Daily Activities

Whether your Dog needs a place to play while you’re at work or you’re looking for a community of canine friends, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Ready for Your Dog to Play with Us?

How It Works


Schedule Free Assessment

Schedule an assessment of your dog to ensure the fit is right.


Tour The Facility

Both you and your dog get a feel for the playground and individual sleeping areas.


Play While You’re Away

Your dog gets lots of play time while you are out for the day.

Deluxe Dogs Luxury Facility

Luxury Dog Daycare Caring for Dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and energy levels.

4,000 sq ft dog climate controlled playground

Private rooms for breakfast and dinner service

Separate Small Dog Daycare

Cage free dog kennels 19 spacious sleeping suites

Open 7 days a week

Full Service Dog Boarding in Toronto

Get the Peace of Mind You Deserve 4,000 Square Foot Dog Daycare and Dog Boarding

  • Dedicated pet care professionals
  • Personalized care and attention
  • Supervised safe and positive dog play
  • Reinforced good behavior and basic obedience throughout the day
  • Separate play area for little dogs
  • Security monitored facility
  • Fully enclosed play spaces
  • Fully Insured and Bonded

Dog Daycare Rates

Starting at

Pay As You Go

🐾 3 Hour Play: $25
🐾 Half Day Play (up to 5.5 hours): $32 
🐾 Full Day Play (6 – 10.5 hours): $49
🐾 Extra Long Day (over 10.5 hours): $60

Starting at

Dog Daycare Packages

🐾 20 of 3-hour package: $450
🐾 20 of half day package: $576
🐾 20 of full-day play: $882

Dog Daycare FAQs

Dogs have playtime, nap sessions, feeding times, and training activities, ensuring they’re engaged and well-rested.

Absolutely! Just bring your dog’s food and feeding instructions, and we will take care of the rest.

All breeds are welcome! First-time visitors undergo a temperament assessment for safety.

Our staff is trained in basic first aid, and we’re partnered with a nearby vet for emergencies.

How Can We Help?

We answer emails between 9am - 5pm (Eastern Time Zone), daily.
• We're closed on Canadian holidays.